What can we help you with?

What can we help you with?

Here you can find the most important questions and answers on the deposit system, containers, returns, recycling and collection. 


Where can I return single-use deposit containers? What needs to be the condition of the bottle or can for the deposit reimbursed? Are only sealed bottles with an attached seal accepted or also opened bottles without a seal? During the transitional period, how can I differentiate deposit products from bottles and cans that do not participate in the deposit? What should happen with containers that are not collected? Can I also throw plastic bottles or aluminium cans displaying the deposit logo into the yellow bin or yellow bag? Which products are collected at collection points? How many containers can I return? Can I return any deposit bottle or can to any collection point? How many bottles and cans am I allowed to return at manual collection points? How many bottles and cans can I return at reverse vending machines? Can I also return a product at a sales point that does not stock the product? Can I also return products in Austria that I purchased abroad and do not display the deposit logo? Can I return my products in other countries that also have a deposit system on single-use drinks containers? Where do I have to return a bottle or can that I purchased from a drinks vending machine? I received a free product (product sample); can I return the container? I know of a sales outlet that sells imported goods without the deposit logo. Who should I report that to? I have purchased a product that does not have a deposit logo printed on it, but I paid a deposit on it – what should I do? I was turned away when I tried to return a single-use drinks container at a sales outlet – what can I do?

For Companies

How does the new deposit cycle work? What do I have to consider as a producer/importer before the deposit system is introduced? I’m a producer/importer and don’t have an office in Austria. How can I register myself or my products? Are there transitional periods for producers? How does the deposit system work for sponsored goods? As a producer, do I also have to pay the 25-cent deposit to Recycling Pfand Österreich for giveaways? We provide our employees with free drinks in our company. Does the deposit have to be paid to Recycling Pfand Österreich for these drinks? How will billing take place for companies during the transitional period? Who needs to register? Why do I need to register? By when do I need to register my company and my products? Can single-use deposit bottles that have not been registered also be sold in Austria? How do I register? Is the sale of unregistered products an offence? How is the producer fee calculated? What does the registration fee cover and when is it due? Does a release fee also have to be paid for single-use drinks containers from 1 January 2025 in addition to the producer fee? The release fee no longer has to be paid for which parts of the single-use drinks containers? Is it essential to create new GTIN codes (formerly EAN codes) for each container unit and by when do these need to be notified at the latest? How do the products need to be labelled? From what date do the products need to display the deposit logo? How is the deposit charged on imported goods and how are they labelled? How is the deposit charged on smaller batches of cans or bottles and how are they labelled? I will still have products in stock in January 2025 that don’t display the deposit logo. Am I allowed to continue selling them? Does the label adhesive have to meet certain requirements? Wer ist bei Handelsmarken für die Registrierung des Produktes und die Anbringung des Pfandlogos verantwortlich? Wer hat bei Handelsmarken Zugriffsrecht auf das Material, der Produzent oder der Markeneingetümer? Ich bin ein:e Getränke-Händler:in und liefere an Unternehmen und Veranstaltungen (oft auf Kommission), wer ist für Rückgabe, Pfanderstattung und Abholung zuständig?