Collection using reverse vending machines
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Collection using reverse vending machines

In supermarkets, the collection of all deposit-paid containers is almost always possible via reverse vending machines. In heavily frequented places such as shopping centres/streets, airports or railway stations, collectors can agree on a joint solution and install a shared reverse vending machine.

Processing and settlement using reverse vending machines takes place quickly and accurately.

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Good to know

Each collector can decide whether to invest in a reverse vending machine. Note:

  • Only reverse vending machine types that have been successfully certified by Recycling Pfand Österreich can be included in the deposit system.
  • Every single machine is accredited by Recycling Pfand Österreich and then admitted to the deposit system to enable reimbursement of the deposit.
  • The reverse vending machine operator is credited the disbursed deposit amounts as well as a handling fee per item.
  • For further information about the collection quantity from which a reverse vending machine makes sense, please contact Recycling Pfand Österreich:

Questions & Answers

The most important questions and answers on collection using reverse vending machines

Questions & Answers
How does collection using a reverse vending machine work in detail?
  1. From 1 January 2025, each distributor purchases the products incl. deposit (and is billed for the product and deposit).
  2. The consumer purchases the PET bottle or can incl. the 25-cent deposit.
  3. After finishing their drink, the customer returns the empty bottle or can at a reverse vending machine.
  4. The reverse vending machine checks whether the product is part of the deposit system and in an adequate condition.
  5. If it is, the reverse vending machine issues a voucher for the deposit.
  6. Recycling Pfand Österreich organises the collection together with partners.
  7. The reverse vending machine provider is credited the disbursed deposits of the collected containers as well as a handling fee per item by Recycling Pfand Österreich.
  8. In order for this process to be effected, the collector must register with Recycling Pfand Österreich.
From what volume is it worthwhile investing in a reverse vending machine?

A reserve vending machine is only profitable and sensible from a certain number of containers. For further information, please contact Recycling Pfand Österreich:

Where can I buy a reverse vending machine?

You can obtain information on reverse vending machine models and manufacturers via Recycling Pfand Österreich:

Which reverse vending machine models are approved?

You can obtain a full list of the permitted reverse vending machine models via Recycling Pfand Österreich.