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What do I have to consider as a producer/importer before the deposit system is introduced?

  • All producers and importers of single-use drinks containers who sell their products in Austria must register themselves via the login platform of Recycling Pfand Österreich.
  • Each drink item (=SKU) in a single-use plastic bottle or aluminium can must be registered with Recycling Pfand Österreich so that it can subsequently participate in the deposit cycle and be identified either by the reverse vending machine and or by manual collectors.
  • From 2025, the sale of unregistered products in Austria will basically be prohibited. However, the Regulation specifies a transitional period for products bottled/canned before a certain date.
  • The deposit logo must be placed on containers subject to deposit so that consumers can clearly identify that the product is part of the deposit cycle.
  • Full information and precise specifications will be available in the producer manual from end of 2023.