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How is manual collection done?

There are various possibilities and framework conditions for manual collection:

Manual collection points are predominantly shops or dining outlets in which the consumer does not stay long and therefore mostly takes the bottles and cans with them, consumes the beverages in another place and then also returns the packaging somewhere else. The collected amount is therefore usually much smaller than the sold amount.

If the bottle or can is returned directly to the sales outlet, the consumers are reimbursed their deposit in the amount of 25 cents per container.

  • For collection purposes, the container must be empty and in an adequate condition. Learn more
  • The returned containers are gathered in special bags (details about the bags and seals are available from Recycling Pfand Österreich), which are then sealed, collected and counted.
  • The bags are collected by delivery partners or Recycling Pfand Österreich.

Following the count, the collector receives the deposit of the collected containers and a handling fee from Recycling Pfand Österreich as part of the regular billing cycle.