Manual collection
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Manual collection

In the case of manual collection, consumers return the bottles and cans directly to the sales outlet, where their deposit is reimbursed.

The packaging is collected in special bags, counted and recorded. In order for the deposit to be reimbursed, registration with Recycling Pfand Österreich is required.

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Good to know

There are various possibilities and framework conditions for manual collection:

Manual collection points are mostly shops or dining outlets in which the consumer does not stay long and therefore mostly takes the bottles and cans with them, consumes the beverages in another place and then often returns the packaging somewhere else.

Small sales outlets (e.g. bakers with stand-up snack area) therefore only collect the number of containers and packaging items that are usually sold there.

  • For collection purposes, the container must be empty and in an adequate condition. Learn more
  • The returned containers are gathered in special bags, which are then sealed, collected and counted.
  • The bags are collected by supply partners or Recycling Pfand Österreich.
  • Following the count, the collector receives the deposit of the collected containers and a handling fee from Recycling Pfand Österreich as part of the regular billing cycle.

Reverse vending machines can be set up in shopping centres/streets / railway stations / airports as an alternative to manual collection.


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Questions & Answers

The most important questions and answers on manual collection

Questions & Answers
Do I have to register as a collector?

Registration is required only if the manual collection is to take place in sealed bags via supply partners or directly via Recycling Pfand Österreich.

If the bottles and cans are returned directly at a reverse vending machine, no registration is required as the deposit amount will be reimbursed via the reserve vending machine (voucher).

When do I have to register?

Registration must take place during 2024. Further details on this will be communicated as they become available.

Which products do I have to collect?

In the case of manual collection, those products that were sold via the sales outlet or containers in identical packaging must be collected.

In principle:

  • If a container size (e.g. 0.5-litre PET bottle or 0.25-litre can) is sold at a sales outlet, containers of this size must also be collected, including brands other than those available from the sales outlet in question.
  • The collection is limited to the unit quantities usually purchased.
  • Example: A sausage stand operator does NOT have to take back 20 single-use deposit containers in one go, as they only sells 2-3 bottles or cans per purchase on average.

They do NOT have to take back beverage cans if she/he only sells PET bottles.