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I’m an online retailer and have PET bottles and cans in my product range. Do I have to collect containers from my customers?

In this case, it depends on how the single-use drinks containers are sent to the consumers:

  1. If the online retailer delivers products itself (with its own delivery service): The final distributor has to ensure collection and reimbursement of the deposit at the time of delivery. The deposit can be disbursed using the same method that the order is paid for. The supplier only has to collect those deposit-paid drinks containers that are also offered (this depends on the material and fill volume, not on the brand) and only in the quantity that is normally ordered.
  2. If the online retailer sends products via postal, parcel or freight services, the deposit per container must be levied, although the drinks containers do not have to be collected. A compensatory payment per container has to be paid (to Recycling Pfand Österreich). (The amount depends on the effort and costs involved in making the additional collections at other collection points).